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SUPstacle – the Evolution of water sports

slidSUP was yesterday, the world of todays trend sports has become richer by a new attraction – SUPstacle. With its combination of SUP races and obstacle course the new star in the water sports sky provides variety in the monotonous world of the trend sport stand up paddling. The idea of the owner of the agency Sportschatz Christoph Mantz and Jan Möller had its world premiere in the summer of 2014 at the Ocean Jumps event at Kieler Woche. Since then SUPstacle is everywhere there where water and courageous athletes meet.

The term SUPstacle is a pun of stand up paddling (SUP) and obstacle.

IMG_4981Stand-up paddling is a type of water sport in which the athlete stands on a large, very wide surfboard using a paddle and his body for determining direction and speed of the board. Balance and agility are particularly important for this challenge. So far, only simple distance races in addition to surfing contests were offered to the audience. SUPstacle crosses such races with an exciting obstacle course and brings fresh breeze to the board sports scene. In this competition, the athlete must not only be faster than their opponents, they also have to overcome all obstacles more swiftly. This further development of the sport makes it particularly exciting for both participants and spectators. Floating obstacles with names like Pinball, Oxer or Beer Crate provide the extra dose of fun, excitement and malicious joy, for both the audience and the paddlers. So the athlete has to slip, climb or to pass under the obstacle once with and once without board.

Only those who risked everything and confront the obstacles with great courage and skills can win the competition. 


Sportschatz GmbH is a sport marketing and event agency based in Flensburg, Germany. While operating their own water sports station Sandwiginger at Sandwig beach at the Flensburg Fjord SUP (stand up paddling) turned out to become the agency’s passion. The own SUP event in the portfolio therefore was only a matter of time. However, existing SUP concepts like short and long distance races did not seem to be too fascinating. We were looking for something more exciting, a new type of competition – an unique idea which is the evolution of water sports.


Do or die! At the latest in 2015, SUPstacle will search its first world champion.

If you want to take the title home, you should hold paddle and board ready.

SUPstacle – a new sport is born!




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