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Become part of the greatest evolution in water sports events and become sponsor!


SUPstacle is an event that brings the sports competition to the target group and not vice versa. Something that does not need much space. The target group addressed by the SUPstacle challenge is just like you would imagine it to be – young or young at heart, sportive, open-minded, trendsetting first movers. Moreover, SUPstacle is attractive for stand up paddlers who are seeking a new challenge. SUPstacle deliberately addresses persons of all ages who spontaneously join the spectacle. This makes the event family friendly fun for both participants and spectators.

Sponsors should be perfectly integrated, and it should be smashing for both competitors and spectators.
The SUPstacle concept offers a wide range of refinancing options through optimum modern sponsor presentation.
The sponsoring measures range from simple logo presentation on the obstacles to developing individual obstacles as product replications. Moreover, the events of course offer the standard options like stand fees for promotion stands and points of sale, name sponsoring of an event, or of a complete event series, and many more

There are many arguments for sponsoring in the SUPstacle context: 

  • image transfer of a new trend sport to the sponsor (first mover)
  • high acceptance thanks to intensive attention of a large target  group (families, athletes, spectators)
  • long sponsoring periods can be negotiated
  • thanks to event series, locations can be freely defined with the sponsor
  • services can be freely defined with the sponsor
  • wide range of products regarding sponsoring capabilities incl. product placement by integrating a product replication as obstacle

Regarding sponsoring, Sportschatz have created the following recommended packages. 

  • Prime
  • Premium
  • Top
  • Partner
  • Equipment package: especially for equipment partners (boards, clothing, etc.)

Information on sponsoring packages are provided upon request.

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