SUPstacle Disciplines

Kids3The SUPstacle competition can be applied in various disciplines.

Besides races of men and women, competitions within various age groups can also be held. As a family event SUPstacle not only achieved a wide audience, but also participants in each age group. For the design of a fair competition different age groups start within the disciplines.

IMG_5033The winner is determined by individual and elimination races. In the elimination obstacles are connected in series. Six participants start at the same time and at each obstacle (e.g. Pinball) the last athlete will be eliminated, because on the other side less boards than participants are waiting to finish the race. After the third eliminator only three paddlers are still in the race and decide victory amongst each other.

The following types of competition are currently feasible:

– men’s timed race
– women’s timed race
– elimination race
– relay
(other competitions are in preparation)

Here you can find more information about the different obstacles.

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