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Become part of the greatest evolution in water sports events!


The target group addressed by the SUPstacle challenge is just like you would imagine it to be – young or young at heart, sportive, open-minded, trendsetting first movers. Moreover, SUPstacle is attractive for stand up paddlers who are seeking a new challenge.The event deliberately addresses persons of all ages who spontaneously join the spectacle. This makes the event family friendly fun for both participants and spectators.

SUPstacle comes to your target group – not vice versa!

IMG_5090SUPstacle is very uncomplicated compared to other kinds of water sports: stand up paddling does not rely on the presence of waves or wind. This way SUPstacle is particularly suitable for calm waters while surfers and windsurfers often have to sit and wait for proper conditions. As your event is independent of wind and waves SUPstacle is ideal for inland waters.Therefore, SUP is becoming more and more popular in large cities.

SUPstacle creates a stir worldwide causing a wave of enthusiasm. In order further to unleash the hype we want you as a partner!


Become the SUPstacle ambassador for your country and benefit from the potential and opportunities:

  • Organize your own profitable SUPstacle events in your region
  • Earn sponsoring funds thanks to the innovative concept
  • Organise SUPstacle events for your clients or as team incentives
  • Sell additional licenses to event agencies and tourism partners
  • Sell SUPstacle obstacles and other exclusive accessories
  • Offer trainings for the SUPstacle license partners
  • Licensees benefit from a large database providing comprehensive material for event promotion (layout for flyers, mailings, press releases in corporate design as well as using the international homepage for processing the competition applications, etc.)

In short, it is now time to ensure your success and to get one of the rare master licenses. Become a SUPstacle ambassador and benefit from one of the most innovative water sports event concepts. In the following we will introduce the various partnership models with a variety of options.


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