ISPO BRANDNEW 2015: SUPstacle is nominated

ISPO MUNICH 2015 the international main exhibition for sports is coming up soon and with it the next ISPO BRANDNEW, the world’s largest young entrepreneur competition in the sporting goods industry.
And how could it be otherwise, SUPstacle has shown its handcraft talent and presented it to the ISPO BRANDNEW jury!
But at the beginning we had a little size problem. Because we had to present our idea on a pretty small table what was kind of impossible with our huge and swimming obstacles.  There wouldn´t be enough space on the table, even the jury room would probably burst with our obstacle inside. But as all of you know we´re damn creative and love challenges and we created SUPstacle, so it was no problem for us to quickly find a solution for the presentation!
Playmobil! Everyone knows it and everyone has played with it. With a lot of talent and handcraft joy we have created a SUPstacle course in the size of the Playmobil world and sent it together with mini SUP boards and Playmobil SUPstacle surfers to Munich, where our project will rock the ISPO BRANDNEW presentation table.
A jury of former ISPO BRANDNEW winners and finalists, representatives of trade and designers decide which start-up convinces with its concept and brand and which other innovations are kicked out of the competition. As a prime candidate for the category Hardware Summer SUPstacle will be evaluate by the professionals and they will probably also play with the Playmobil figures and will discover SUPstacle as their new water sport. There is no question that the entire jury will be fascinated. With its exciting combination of stand up paddling and adventure course SUPstacle will convince the sport affine jury. If the jury choose SUPstacle, we and other innovative brands will present our concepts at the trade show and will enthuse the mass. Thus, after a successful visit at the PADDLEexpo in Nuremberg and a winning run at the ISPO BRANDNEW competition, the international audience can find the new water sport at the ISPO MUNICH in February.
With confident of victory and full of optimism, the SUPstacle team is waiting for the results of the jury. And even if we do not really need, cross your fingers!

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